JEDX 11M Outdoor Rock Climbing Safety Rope for Outdoor Escape Camping Hiking Fire Rescue


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Overview and Specifications:

Diameter: 11MM consists of high strength nylon ropesMaterial: high strength wear – resistant materialWeight: 800 kg Use: when disaster occurs, fasten one end of the life line with the life hook, and tie the other end to the user's waist. Hold the rope with both hands and slowly descend along the wall to the ground. In the event of a disaster, this small rope, may save the lives of countless people safety of fire prevention is prepared to never use it Read the instructions carefully before using the escape rope, otherwise the person using the rope will be harmed. When using escape rope to escape from emergency (such as fire, earthquake, etc.), the escape personnel shall protect their hands effectively and use escape gloves; If there is no such equipment to protect the hands, you can look for additional protection in the surrounding environment. For example, clothes or wet towels that cause greater friction will cause damage to the hands of the users.