JEDX Handheld Intelligent Inkjet Printer / Ink Date Coder Coding Machine with LED Screen Display for Trademark, Logo, Graphic


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Overview and Specifications:

Touch Screen Handheld Inkjet Spray Printer with 50ml Ink Cartridge – US Plug High quality stainless steel shell 
Easy operation touch screen
Practical design, it can print bar code and two-dimensional bar code
Printing lines up to 7 lines
2500mAh large capacity battery, it can working up to 10 hours
50ml ink cartridge can print 80 million characters
Spray printing material: wood, cardboard, stone, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, etc
With a metal case for easy carrying
The printing range: 360 degree omni-directional printing, meets the needs of production
Print font: Font GB, Pinyin input method, touch online editing, no need to connect computer, easy to operate
Jet printing fonts: High clear print fonts dot matrix font, a variety of Chinese and English font
Spray printing graphics: A variety of trademark design, graphics can be imported through U-disk
Spray printing accuracy: 300DPI  
Spray printing line number: One to seven lines (adjustable)
Spray printing height: 2mm-13mm (adjustable), can be increased to 50mm by adding other plus nozzle
Printing bar code: Bar code, two-dimensional bar code
Spray distance: 2mm-10mm, 2mm-5mm jet printing effect is the best
Serial number: 1-8 variable sequence number
Automatic printing: Date, time, batch number, and serial number (with the time change)
Stored information: The system can store more than 1000 pieces information (can be inserted U disk to store information)
Information length: Each message can be printed in more than 2000 kinds of fonts, the length is unlimited
Jet printing speed: Up to 70m / min (continuous printing), spray printing speed will not change by the increase of the number of lines
The use of ink: Environmental protection printing ink, water-based ink, oily ink
Ink color: Black, red, blue, yellow, green
Ink cartridge capacity: 50ml, a box of ink can be used to spray 80 million characters (2mm)
External interface: DB9, DB15, USB, optical interface 
Battery: 2500mAh DC16.8V lithium battery
Working time: 10 hours (after full charge) 
Standby time: 20 hours 
Control panel: Touch screen  
Power consumption: The average power consumption is less than 5W
Temperature: 0 ~38°C
Humidity: 10%~80%