JEDX Multifunctional Lamp Beautifying Mobile Phone Stand Selfie Broadcast Stand


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Overview and Specifications:

1.[adjustable supplementary lighting] 3 light colors and 9 levels of brightness: 24 cold LED and 24 warm LED support 3 light modes – cold light, warm light and mixed light. Level 9 brightness is available and can be easily adjusted as needed to improve the quality of selfie video chat 2.[easy to use] USB charging allows it to be used with multiple devices: PC mobile power source, charger, etc., equipped with 160cm USB charging line, which will not disturb your movements even during the live performance, and can even be used for long-distance power supply or video shooting from farther places 3.[application site] it is a professional tool to create good mobile selfie and video recording light in the night and dark environment, perfect workflow media broadcast, suitable for vlog, facebook, youtube selfie video chat music and so on