JEDX Touch Mini Invisibility Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headset


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Overview and Specifications:

[1] OEM in large factories is more professional and has better quality assurance 
[2] bluetooth 4.2 has low power consumption  
[3]Talk time: 3-4 hours standby time: about 100 hours 
[4] using noise reduction and echo suppression, the sound quality of any noisy environment is still excellent  
[5] compatibility: powerful compatibility. Digital products with bluetooth function can be used in the market basically.  
[6] lithium ion battery: 60mAh,
[7] working time :5 days  Color: black and white  
[8] support one and two language tips  
[9]Support mode: HSPA2DPhfpAVRCP  
[10] the weight of the product is 3.8g, which is relatively light. It feels comfortable when wearing it to the ears  
[11] printed: surround stereo wireless ear  
[12] intelligent noise reduction of DSP with transmission distance of 10 meters