Kids Ear Cleaner Ear Wax Removal Tool Flashlight Earpick Luminous Sonic Vibration Cleaning Safety Ear Wax Remover


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : LKS-1023
Power Type : Battery
Usage Time : 30Mins


1: Dual light ear picker, the working head is to protect the ear canal, ear wall, the designer intimately uses soft TPE material, 2 molding process technology
2: Mid-soft,  comfortable process, plastic sleek spoons, meet the needs of ears, give children more peace of mind
3: Small size, easy to carry with, sonic vibration, microwave vibration to quickly clean up earwax


Product Name: Sonic Vibration Light Guide Ear Picks
Model: LKS-1023
Voltage: 1.5V
Material: Main body environmental protection ABS
Working head: environmental protection PC + environmental protection soft TPE
Power supply: AAA dry battery (excluding battery)
Number of vibrations: 15000RPM
Host size: 160X20X23 (mm)
Product weight: 61g