KW-3018 300g/0.001g Diamond Jewelry Weighing Scale


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Maximum weighing: 300g.
2. Minimum accuracy: 0.001g.
3.6 conversion units: g/kg/tl/ct/oz/lb.
4. Green display: LCD 6-digit display.
5. Display size: 2.5 inches.
6. Power: 2XAAA battery.
7. Body size: 14.3 X 8.5 X 4.3 cm.
8. Weighing pan diameter: 3.8 cm.
9. Windshield height: 3 cm.
10. Product Features: This electronic scale is accurate to 0.001g, is a high-end ultra-precision diamond jewelry scale. It can convert 6 commonly used units with 6-digit LCDL green backlight display, the product is equipped with weighing pan and 1 weight, which is fully functional.