Large Capacity Battery Pack Li-ion Rechargeable 8.4v 6 x 18650 1018650 Power Pack for Bike Headlight Bicycle Front Light Lamp


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Mounting Placement : Frame
Power Supply : Battery
Model Number : Battery Pack-10
Certification : yes

8.4V bicycle light non-waterproof battery pack with six sections and ten sections:
1. No memory effect: can be recharged and used at any time
2. Stable performance: long cycle life up to 1000 times. 3. Built-in battery protection board, with overcharge and anti-overdischarge, extending battery life. 4. Quality assurance: A product battery, high capacity, no false standard, internal resistance Low, current discharge within 3A
5. Applicable products: T6 bicycle lights, headlights, miners' lamps, alarms and other electronic digital products