Laser Projector LOGO Light 15W Outdoor Rotating Projection Lamp With Remote Control


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Overview and Specifications:

1: Optical lens assembly: High transmittance lens, bright and
clear light, good overall reflection performance, low optical path loss,
ensuring efficient light transmission, and clearer pattern projection.

2: It adopts aluminum rod car aluminum forming process, CNC
machining after cold forging, surface sandblasting oxidation treatment, and has
good corrosion resistance and rust prevention. Efficient heat dissipation and

3: The projection brightness is more uniform and the
utilization of light is higher. Realize high performance and low power

4: Replace the traditional three ancient advertisements (1.
Time for issuing flyers, 2. High cost for advertising, 3. Low posterity for

Wide range of uses: various commercials, shopping malls, shops,
hotels, bars, etc.

Product model: LS-15W

Power: 15W

Control mode: remote control

Material: high quality aluminum alloy

Input voltage: AC110/220V

Frequency: 50-60HZ

Best projection: 3-6 meters

Dark environment: 10-15 meters

Product net weight: 1.3KG