LED Headlamp USB Rechargeable Waterproof Head Light With 5 Light Modes


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Battery Type : Lithium Ion
Certification : CE
Wattage :
Light Source : LED
Waterproof : Yes
Beam Angle : 180°
Model of LED Beads : T6
Switch Mode : High/Middle/Low
Model Number : TM-G18
Purpose : Carry everyday, cave exploration, camping, patrol


1. Highlight smart sensor headlight, mini lightweight running

2.Five-speed light mode, strong light / low light / soft light
/ red light / red light flashing

3.45-degree adjustable angleThe light source’s irradiation angle can
be adjusted between 0-45 °, which meets various conditions.

4.IPX6 high strength waterproof

5.USB interface charging, built-in rechargeable lithium
battery, support multiple USB devices

Indicator design

1. Turn on the sensor mode and light up blue

2. The switch lights up red when charging

3. The switch lights up green when fully charged


[Product name] LED sensor headlight

[Product model] TM-G18

[Lamp model] XPG-2 wick

[Product color temperature] 6000K

[Battery Specifications] Built-in 1500mAh polymer battery

[Packing size] 90 * 80 * 50cm

[Switch gear] conventional switch: strong light / medium light
/ low light (long press to enter) red light red light warning sensor switch:
turn on / off the induction function (this function is suitable for strong

[Charging method] USB charging

[Product voltage] 3.7V-4.2V

[Brightness Lumen] 800 lumens

[Irradiation distance] Effective distance 300 meters

[Product weight] 68g (including elastic band)