LUOTTS HT001A Bristles Wave Brush Beech Material Paint 155 Pores


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : HT001A
Material : Wood
Size : 20cm

1. The bristles
and nylon can penetrate deep into each layer of hair, giving the head a better

2. The whole body
is lacquered and washed, and the mellow feel can effectively avoid the aging
and discoloration of the handle. It has high appearance and practicality.

3. The curve of
the brush matches the shape of the head, which can have better pulling force
and larger coverage.

4. The brush head
is reinforced by a special process, the bristles are not easy to fall off, and
it is durable.


Model: HT001A

Product size:

Product hair
length: 1.5CM

Product pores:
155 pores

Product net weight:

Product material:
beech wood, pig bristle, nylon