Magic Anti-slip Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat – Blue


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Overview and Specifications:


Conventional mats do not absorb liquid quickly and that they can get soggy over time, making them really uncomfortable to step on. The ASOTV Soil Diatomaceous Dry Bath Math on the other hand is made out of diatomite which is a natural pumice like material. As you step on the Bath Mat after the shower, the material of the product almost instantly absorbs and dries the soles of your feet which should minimize the puddles that you leave behind. 

Easy to clean, without frequent replacement,
Convenient and durable
Surprising absorbency
Deodorant & Adjustment of humidity;
Prevents bacteria, fungi, mite

Wash it in cool water and dry it when first time using.
When there are stains, wash with running water or wipe with a wet cloth/sponge, then air dry.