Magic Dust Cleaning Gel Sticky Compound Cleaner Clean Mud Reusable Remove Dirt Tool For Keyboard Car Air Vents Home Use


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Weight : 0.075KG
Shelf Life : None


1. It is used to clean car air outlets, instrument panels, air conditioners, etc. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.

2. Main ingredients: disinfectant, preservative, boric acid, methyl benzoate, flavor.

3. Dust is accumulated when absorbed, ensuring that your hands are not contaminated by dust and bacteria.

4. It can be recycled many times without cleaning, environmental protection and value.

5. It has good ductility and will not soften even if it is kneaded and does not leave hand glue.

6. It does not harm human skin, it is safe and non-toxic. It is the best cleaning product for precision digital instruments.