Maikou M03 8GB Multi-function U Disk, USB Flash Drive with Recording Function – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Recording format: WAV
Recording time: 600 (minutes)
Memory card type: does not support expansion card
Display: No screen
Transmission Interface: USB 2.0

1: Music player instructions
(1) Please insert the earphone before playing music, push the "on / off" key to "on" and blue light on once, the machine will play the current music file automatically.
(2) Press the "up / down song" button to play different music songs. Long press "up / down song" key to adjust the volume.
(3) While playing music, press "Mode M" key to switch to recording file.
2:Recording instructions (do not insert headphones before recording)
(1) Press "On / Off" key to "On" power blue light once, the red light flashing 3 start automatic recording, to save the recording "On / Off" button to " Earphones can also be inserted to automatically save the recording and start automatically playing the current recording file.
3: Recording playback instructions
(1) Inserting the earphone while recording directly saves the recording and automatically plays the currently recorded content. You can also plug in the headset before the boot, the "on / off" key to the "open", the default open the machine to play MP3 music, then press the "Mode M" button to play just recorded content.
(2) Press the "up / down song" button to play different recording files. Long press "up / down song" key to adjust the volume.
(3) Click the "Mode M" button can be converted to MP3 music files to play.
(4) internal music files, recording files are supported by the computer to play.
* Stop playing music, recording files, the "on / off" button to "off" can save more power.
Note: When playing music or recording, if the battery is low. The power light (blue) will flash automatically after shutdown several times. Please charge in time.
4: Time setting
(1) Insert the USB flash drive into the computer, open the "Removable Disk" in the computer and open the folder "SetTime". Double-click this program to pop up this screen. Click "SetTime" to synchronize the computer time. Computer time synchronization, recording longer, U disk recording time and computer time will be different. attention please.
5: Charging instructions
(1) Available 350 ~ 500MA charger or directly into the computer interface for charging, normal charging power light (blue) flashing, full power light (blue) long bright.
(2) The battery can be charged, can discharge, will eventually fail. When the battery usage time significantly reduced, please promptly send the manufacturer to replace the new battery.
   Note: Do not charge the process on the bed, under the pillow and children easy to reach places.
   Waterproof: This product does not have waterproof performance, please keep it dry, such as machine water, please contact the manufacturer for repair.
   Interference: All equipment may be interfered to affect the performance. Please keep away from the interference source when working.
   Safety: The unit and its accessories may contain small parts, which should be kept out of the reach of children. Prohibit unauthorized disassemble, the consequences.
   File backup: due to external or operational errors, the original file may be lost within the machine, please do a good job in a timely manner file backup.
   Transmission: When the machine and computer data transmission, please do not pull the machine out to prevent data loss.