Maikou M32 Collar Noise Canceling Microphone, Support Android / IOS


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Overview and Specifications:

Operation Voltage: DC1.0V – 10V
Current Consumption: < 0.6mA
Signal to Noise Ratio: 60dB
Frequency Range: 50-20KHz
3.5mm Compatible jack(Pure Copper)
Cable:2 meters/78inchs (Pure Copper)

Full range of tie clip lapel microphone. Excellent sound quality microphone for most smart phones, tape recorders, laptops, computers, cameras, tablets, smartphones 4-pole, 3-pole for other digital audio or video equipment.
Impeccable recording of noise cancellation. Lavalier microphone records clear and clean professional result sound. Use your mobile device as an additional record for your photography or video project. Portable audio quality video.
Great lecturer, webcast, artist interview, school class. Lightweight, easy to carry, including foam glass and tie / lapels. Durable lapel clip and long cable market in 2 meters. Tie clip design allows hands-free use, easy to wear, more convenient to use.
Velcro straps are stitched to the cable for better cable management. Unlike most recorded apps that work on your smartphone or tablet device, 3.5mm TRRs are compatible with Jack just plug in the microphone in your Apple laptop, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android or Windows phone holder and clip in your shirt. Now you can instantly copy your voice without the need of extra plugs or batteries.

How to use:
1, Just plug the microphone in your shirt on your Apple laptop, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android or Windows phone. Now you can instantly copy your voice, no extra plug or battery required for compatible PC.
And laptops, and those who do not need active microphones (with battery) compatible camera, you can use a clip fixed to your collar microphone. (Please note that the distance between the microphone and the sound source to maintain the best results within 0.3 meters).

2, Features:
Removable tie clips make it easy to fit clothing into flexibility and comfort. With most recorded apps on your smartphone or tablet device. Go and move and get the best sound. A tone, 360-degree full pickup directional recording, providing a natural fusion of voice and the environment. Utilizing capacitive type elements, it provides a flat, smooth frequency response and a wide dynamic range.

3,The scope of application:
Mobile lavalier / lavalier microphone is mainly used
Artists, announcers, lecturers, Internet radio stations, podcasting and other mobile devices. With a mobile lavalier / lavalier microphone, you'll lock the excellent sound quality when recording webcasts, YouTube videos on your mobile device. If you want to keep your gear, you need to go for design, quick, easy and use the right method.