Maikou Two Arm Spinner Drink Bottle Opener Fidget Rotating ADHD Hand Fingers Toys Reduce Stress Gift


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Overview and Specifications:

This is a very practical hand spinner,first,To the body: prolonged use makes your fingers more flexible;second,Vision retention phenomenon will be more sharp (such as tennis in the process of high-speed operation to capture the ball in the direction of rotation with the track);third,On the spirit: with mild self hypnosis, self-enhanced self-confidence, self-encouragement, self-emotional release.;
It can create a pleasant personal environment, under the high pressure of the work and life, they can be instantly released. To avoid the outbreak of emotions lead to interpersonal and relationship discord, but also to avoid personal emotional depression caused by other kinds of spirit transfer attention,
high pressure under the psychological decompression effect, But also can prevent excessive stress caused by mental illness, such as confrontation: nervous, loss of enthusiasm, fatigue, loneliness, depression, lack of energy, will lead us to work inefficient, poor interpersonal relationships, it is difficult to adapt to work and life.