Mini HDMI to AV Converter HDMI to AV HD Converter Supports 1080P White


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Overview and Specifications:

Description: This HDMI to composite A/V converter will provide standard Y/R/W RCA connections from any HDMI signal. Ideal for sending set-top boxes or media devices to an existing club or corporate A/V distribution system, it is also useful if you have an existing A/V cable without having to upgrade to a full HDMI signal path. Includes power supply (USB cable). Features: Brand new high quality. Input: HDMI Type A female Output: RCA yellow/red/white. HDMI input format: 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p A / V output format: PAL 576i or NTSC 480i optional Plug and play, no driver required. The package includes: 1 HDMI to AV adapter. 1 USB charging cable. 1 x user manual.