Mini HDMI to VGA Converter Cable VGA to HDMI Mini 1080P White


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Name: MINI HDMI TO VGA

  Use models: can be used for HD-DVD, PS3, STB, computer, HD player, etc.

Mode of operation: manual button switching Product accessories:-


   1. Display effect: HDMI signal conversion Single VGA+R/L signal is displayed on a group of VGA monitors.

2. Display format: Support resolution: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p.

3.HDMI version: HDMI version 1.3

4. Bandwidth: 165MHZ ( 4.95Gbps)

5. Digital Content Protection: Compatible with HDCP Specifications

6. Hot swap; plug and play, easy to install, support hot swap

7. Input line length: ≤ 10 meters

8. Output line length: ≤ 10 meters

9. Cable specifications: standard 28AWGHDMI1.3

10. External power supply: AC: INPUT 100-240V, DC: OUTPUT 5V/1A Power plug (metal) 5.5*3.5*8mm, line length 1.5m