Mini PCI-E Wireless WWAN Card To USB Adapter Card With SIM Card Slot Test Card


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Interface Type : Other
Package : Yes
Model Number : Mini PCI-E to USB

100% new quality
This product is suitable for many brands of 3G.4G modules.
Such as Huawei WeWei, ZTE ZTE, Longshang, Fangge, Meige, Domain, Mobile, AIRCARD, OPTION, SAMSUNG, Huayu, Datang and other brands of 3G.4G modules, Internet access through 3D and 4G.4G. Unlock can also be used for USB bus WiFi module (USB bus) and Mini PCI-E interface card (USB bus) for testing via USB.
Huawei module: MU609 PCIE, MU709S-2 PCIE, MU509-B PCIE, MC509-A PCIE, EM770 770J 770W, EM820U 820W, ME909u-521, ME909s-821, ME909S-120, etc.
ZTE module: MF210, ME3760V2C, ME3760V2D, ME3760 private network, MF210V2 AD3812 MC2716 ME3620 ME3630 and so on.
Square / Meg modules: SLM630, SLM630B, etc.
Changshang module: U8300 U8300W U8300C C5300V U7500E U6300V and so on.
Domain Module: CLM920N CLM920CN3 CLM920 full range of PCIE modules.
Remote module: UC20 full range of PCIE, EC20 full range of PCIE modules.
SIMCOM module: SIMCOM7100 full range of PCIE modules.
Jinan module: USR-G402tf PCIE module.
Supports 3G 4G cards of brands such as Sierrawireless, Telit, Cinterion, Ericsson, Samsung, Huayu, Datang and so on.
Special statement: This product is a riser card, not a 3G, 4G network card (not including 3G.4G module, if you do not have 3G.4G module, you can not access the Internet)! This adapter board is mainly used for DIY or testing 3G and 4G modules. This module does not contain a housing