Mini Portable Depilatory Wax Heater Body Leg Armpit Arm Hair Removal Skin Care Waxing Machine


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Quantity: 2 Size: 8*5*22
Material: 电解铜 ABS料 Model Number: YM-8316

1. Professional quality, this professional-grade electric wax heater is easy to operate and efficient.
2. Fast heating, 40W per piece, only 10-20 minutes, then you can apply it.
3. Absolutely safe, no sequelae. Helps quickly remove hair from the body, arms, fingers, armpits, legs, etc.
4. Small and flexible, it is easy to carry and can give your skin a feeling of comfort and calm.
5. Concept: Hot wax is physically removed and has the advantage of jelly wax, which makes hair removal and skin pore stretching of the wool capsule completely easy, more thorough and less painful. In view of the mane, the hair removal effect of the bikini area is best, suitable for individuals and families.

6. These products mainly use PTC, heating ring heating, dissolving solid hair removal wax by heat, used for women and men to remove hair.