Multi-function Solar LED Flashlight USB Rechargeable Emergency Hammer For Car


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Overview and Specifications:

Safety hammer flashlight 7 major functions: emergency hammer, seat belt cutter, strong light flashlight, solar charging, magnet adsorption, compass, USB mobile power

1: The emergency hammer adopts the alloy emergency life-saving hammer. The hammer of the safety hammer is made of alloy steel and hardened and hardened. It can knock open the glass of any car.

2: Seat belt cutter, built-in seat belt cutter can quickly cut off the seat belt in case of emergency

3: T6 glare and high power, the headlights have full bright and semi-bright strobe mode with high-bright T6 lamp, long range and high brightness

4: USB charging interface, unscrew the tail (with a compass at the end) The internal charging interface can charge the built-in lithium battery while the flashlight has a usb output function. It can charge mobile phones and other digital devices when going out.

Model: KS-765

Size: head 45mm* body 31mm*32mm total length 185mm

Colour: Black

Lens material: optical convex lens
Working position: 3 files (glare – low light – flash)

Flow brightness: 1000 lumens
Product material: aluminum alloy
Product light cup: no

Battery capacity: built-in lithium battery 2000MAH

Whether to focus: Yes, telescopic focusing

Opening mode: button type

Power supply mode: USB charging

Lighting time: strong light (5-6 hours) low light (7-8 hours) flash (7-8 hours)

Product net weight: 310g

Packing number: 80pcs


1. The red light is on when charging, and the indicator light is off when full.

2. Solar panels can be charged directly

3. Input, output function can charge the phone when going out

4. The tail is equipped with a compass