Multifunctional Children\’s Playmat And Toy Storage Bag For Indoor And Outdoor Use Foldable Play Mat For Baby L/Rose


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Shape: Round Material: Polyester

1: Product introduction:

Every time the baby starts playing with toys, the crazy is the mother.

Toys, blocks, and small puzzles that are always packed. . . . .

Finally, I have this super large toy quick storage bag.

Open, the baby sits on it, reading books, puzzles, and building blocks. . . .

No matter what you play, after the end, the mother gently put it away and can hang it on the wall or put it on the ground.

The large area, a few small partners, can make the mother have a clean and tidy room.

Eco-friendly storage bag storage pad allows the baby to organize toys while playing

2: Material: polyester

3: The toy storage bag can also be used as a cushion for play. It is easy to use and quick to pack.
Expanded size: diameter 150CM

Gram weight: about 300G

Subject to actual measurements