N2 XML-T6 2400LM 4 Mode Bright LED Bicycle Light Outdoor Cycling Bicycle Headlight High Power Waterproof Flashlight Headlight Se


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Lighting Distance : 100-200 m
Support Dimmer : 2-4 files
Lumen : other
Waterproof : Yes
Flashlight Type : Daily carry, night ride, night fishing, patrol, hunting
Model of LED Beads : T6
Zoom : No
Switch Mode : Zoom Out
Color : Black
Battery Type : 18650
Certification : CCC,CE
Body Material : Aluminum Alloy
Wattage : 24W
Light Source : Other
Focal Length : Non-adjustable
Charger : Rechargeable
Function : Shock Resistant,Self Defense,Hard Light
Model Number : N2


Lamp Bead Model: XML-T6
Shell surface treatment and color Anodizing treatment
Number of LEDs: 2 * XML-T6
Power: 20W
Brightness: 2400LM
Voltage: .4-12V
Waterproof of lamp holder: IPX65
Battery: 4 * 18650 battery pack
Size: 60 * 42 * 38cm

1. Using 2 CREE XML-T6 lamps, the maximum brightness can reach 2400 lumens, and the life span is up to 100,000 hours!
2. Intelligent circuit control, three-level dimming circuit:
First gear: Low light, current output 1.0A, brightness up to 600LM;
Second gear: medium light, current output 2.0A, brightness up to 1200LM;
Third gear: strong light, current output 4.0A, brightness up to 2400LM;
Fourth gear: Long press for three seconds to flash, current output 4.0A, brightness up to 2400LM.
3. Vacuum plating smooth surface cup, high temperature resistance, anti-shedding, perfect light gathering effect.
4. The shell is made of aviation aluminum alloy and CNC, with anodized surface treatment.
5. Use 4 18650 battery combinations, 2 strings and 2 parallel design, capacity: 6800MAH, DC voltage: 8.4V, can work continuously for 2-5 hours.
6 Charger: high current charger, with temperature protection, overcharge protection and short circuit protection, intelligent fast charger can complete the work within 4 hours, automatically stop charging after charging and the indicator light is green, input: 100 ~ 240v AC 50 / 60Hz; output: 8.4V DC / 1A
7. Features: 1. Equipped with headlight belt, used as headlight;
8. Equipped with elastic rubber headgear, suitable for various types of bicycles, easy to remove and replace.
9. When the power is 100%, the display light is on for 3 grids, 50% of the display light is on for 2 grids, and 10% of the display light is on for 1 grid.
10. Note: When charging A, please do it in a safe place;
11. Do not disassemble the battery pack at will, as it may affect the performance of the product and cause danger.
12.Suitable for all bicycles, the 2 kinds of powerful high-quality plastic rings are provided, covering all handlebar diameters. Very simple and easy to use.