N5901 Fly Air Mouse With Gyroscope 2.4G Wireless 3D Android Remote Controller Sensing Palm Keyboard For Smart TV Laptop


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Overview and Specifications:


With the rich content of online video and video, more and more videos and pictures are downloaded to the computer. It is very common to connect the computer with the large-screen TV in the living room to watch the video with the TV. Typical applications include: 1. Notebook and LCD cable connection, 2. Q series dedicated computer to connect LCD.

However, when the TV is connected to the computer, on the one hand, it enjoys visual enjoyment. On the other hand, the close-range operation of the computer brings trouble, and the switching of various states requires the operation of the keyboard and the mouse, and the user has to face the state after running before running.

1. Hibernate start
2. Password input
3. Text input
4. Page switching
5. Search choice
6. Picture replacement
7. Media operation (in/out/up/down/volume control, etc.)
8. N5901 solves the above problems conveniently through 2.4G wireless control.


1. Pocket keyboard and mouse
2. Maximum distance control of 10 meters.
3. Can accommodate ultra-small receiver
4. Windows media player media control button
5. AAA × 2 battery 3 months standby life.
6. Ultra-light design
7. N5901 provides convenient and comfortable remote control mouse for living room video operation.
8. Support System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win CE/Linux/Android