NiteCore NEW I4 4 Bay Battery Charger Ni-MH/Lithium Battery ACD Two Power Inputs


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Electric
Quick charge : No
Intelligent Charge : Yes
Display screen : Yes
Model Number : NEW I4
Use : Other
Package : Yes
Battery Number : 4
Output Interface : USB Output

1. NEWi4 provides a single-slot
charging current output of up to 1500mA, the charging efficiency is 100% higher
than that of i4, and the charging time is reduced by half.

2. Two power inputs are applicable,
compatible with car and indoor charging, home or travel, everything is ready.

3. The metal positive electrode
contact design made of all copper greatly reduces the contact resistance of the
charger electrode, so that the battery charging voltage is accurate, the
heating is small, and the sliding is smooth when the battery is installed.

Brand: NiteCore

Model: NWE I4

Product name: Charger

Input voltage: AC100~240
50/60HZ0.25A (max) 10W/DC 9V-12V 1.0A

Output voltage:

Output current:

Size: 140mm*94.8mm*37mm

Weight: 202g