Painless Hard Wax Beans, Depilatory Wax Bean, Body Bikini Hair Removal Face Shaving Cream Soap Beans Orange


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Ingredient: 凡士林、白矿油和维生素E Model Number: TM1
NET WT: 凡士林、白矿油和维生素E Smell: Lavender
Gender: Female

1, long service life, easy to use: the wax formula is heated in the microwave oven in a few seconds and goes smoothly. No messy strips are needed, simply peeling off gives you a soft, smooth skin that lasts up to 8 weeks without hair. You can get the most comfortable beauty salon at home.
2, easy to remove hair: use a quick and easy depilatory kit, just peel, apply and remove soft, hairless skin, can maintain smooth for up to 8 weeks. Can be used on the arms, legs, underarms and body.
3, no trouble, no pain: more effective and painless than traditional wax, our wax beads are mild and suitable for all skin types.
4, try all: face, body and armpits, bikini triangle area, suitable for all areas of the body.
5. Do not use when the temperature is too high. Do not use if there is a wound on the skin.