Percussion Massage Gun Deep Tissue Muscle Massager For Soreness Pain Relief Enhanced Recovery


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Overview and Specifications:

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Application : Leg
Standard Voltage : 110V

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The fascia gun, the full name of the muscle fascia relaxation massage gun, is a black technology that has been popular in the gym for a while. After fitness or exercise, the sympathetic nerves are overexcited, causing the muscles to be too tight when static, resulting in fascia adhesions, thus Affect recovery growth. The fascial gun is to reach the deep layer of muscles through the impact of different frequencies to relieve muscle fatigue and pain. The strength and frequency can be adjusted. It has a penetration force that is not reachable by hand massage. It is called a private “massage” carried by many users. division”. Whether it is fitness enthusiasts, ordinary office workers and housewives, they often need to do this kind of massage treatment for themselves. The popularity of the fascia gun in the massage industry is due to the use of Zhaowei miniature deceleration brushless motor. The small size and large torque of the motor make the weight of the entire fascia gun product controlled to less than 1kg, enabling users to operate with one hand The noise of Zhaowei micro-brushless motor with hands free massage has been repeatedly tested at a distance of 10cm. The motor noise range is generally controlled between 30-50 decibels. On the basis of improving the normal frequency and intensity of fascia gun massage, as much as possible Reduce the impact of noise on users. The fascia gun has now become a new influencer in the sports world. Its important selling point is that it can help deeper fascia relaxation effects. The fascia relaxation gun is only suitable for muscle and soft tissues. If the impact is too strong or too small, It is easy to cause muscle damage or lactic acid accumulation. Therefore, to accurately control the massage force of the fascia gun, this may be difficult for manual massage or some foam motor technology.


Product name: K1 Fascia Gun Massager
Product size: 18.8 * 24.2cm * 6.2cm
Packing size: 29 * 25 * 8cm (1 box of 6 units)
Large box size: 50 * 31 * 28cm (1 box of 6 units)
Product net weight: 800g; (including gun head charger)
Packing weight: 1.7kg; (including small suitcase carton)
Input voltage: 110-240v; 30-50HZ
Work rate: 20-30W

Power supply: AC wall charger;
Main material: ABS plastic (gun body); matte leather handle;
Four gun heads: U-shaped head; small round head; spherical head; small flat head
Packing: suitcase + carton + charger + manual certificate, warranty card + gun head