Portable Drone Mounted Voice Amplifier Warning Transmission Speaker Shooting Loudspeaker Long Distance Megaphone


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Plastic
RC Parts & Accs : Other
Upgrade Parts/Accessories : Other
Remote Control Peripherals/Devices : Other
Four-wheel Drive Attributes : Other
Tool Supplies : Battery
For Vehicle Type : Drone
Model Number : Megaphone
Technical parameters : KV1100
Size : 5 * 5 * 3CM
Wheelbase : Upper Shell

1: It is made of high-quality environmental protection ABS plastic material, with high hardness, abrasion resistance, anti-collision and anti falling, and durable. Mini portable appearance, suitable for a variety of application scenarios.

2: As a long-distance pager suitable for UAV, it is suitable for most mainstream GPS UAVs, including sg906 pro2, sg906 pro, x193 pro, X7 pro, SG901, sg907, e520s, s162, F11, Dajiang spirit 3, 4 series, DJI platinum version, Yu 2, Yu mini, Yu air series, Zhen, Jing, gw90, gw98, gd91 pro, M8, Tianqu Zen K1, meijiaxin B4, Lyz L109, jjrc X11, X12, X3, X5, x9, harborson Zino, Xiaomi fimix8, Weili X1s, etc., can carry more than 100 grams of UAVs, remote control vehicles and remote control ships and other products.

3: Original sound amplifying, frequency shifting and anti howling, compact and portable, durable, one hand holding, easy to wear and no burden. The volume can be adjusted, and the user can adjust it freely according to the application scene. It can be used with UAV to work at high altitude, which is more convenient to patrol and shout. The transmission range is 200 meters. Equipped with adjustable magic belt, it can be installed on various equipment or pets without damage, so it is widely used.

4. It is safe and non slip and will not wear the surface of the tied object. Velcro strap can be adjusted freely. With type-C interface, charging is faster and longer. Charging 50 minutes, the battery life can reach 2 hours.

A cross-border popular portable UAV high-altitude pager transmission alarm speaker long-distance non-interference loudspeaker


Color: Dark Grey
Material: Plastic
Working time: about 2 hours

Charging time:50 minutes
Voice transmission distance: about 200 meters
Remote control charging time: about 90 minutes