Portable Mini Cute Electric Toothbrush, Waterproof Dry Battery Powered Soft Bristle Tooth Brush Set (Random Color) Random Color


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Quantity: 1 Size: 23mm*23mm*208mm
Material: ABS Model Number: 6186
Type: Acoustic Wave Age Group: All
Commodity Quality Certification: 3C

1: Cleansing effect, 23000 times / minute, effectively drive
the liquid flow in the mouth, quickly dilute the plaque in the mouth, reduce the
growth of oral bacteria, fresh breath, suitable for efficient daily cleaning
user needs

2: Brightening effect, the nemesis of calculus plaque,
high-frequency vibration has direct effect on users with deep cleaning needs,
suitable for cleaning stubborn impurities such as smoky tea scale coffee scale
in oral cavity

3: Health benefits, users who are extremely sensitive to gums
have a more comfortable brushing effect to relieve oral fatigue

Product efficacy: clean / bright white / health care

Waterproof level: IPX7

Charging method: No. 7 dry battery

Amplitude swing: 23,000 times / minute

Brush: DuPonty hairy soft hair

Product weight: main body about 62g