Portable Mini Electric Wax Warmer, Double Base Hand Epilator Depilatory Heater Machine, Hair Removal Shaving Tool Yellow + White


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Quantity: 2 Size: 20*13*12CM
Material: 电解铜 ABS料 Model Number: ym-8321

1. Scope of application: for hair removal care, beauty care, skin care, suitable for beauty salons, salons, spas, household items, etc.

2. Concept: Hot wax is physically removed and has the advantage of jelly wax, which makes hair removal and skin pore stretching of the wool capsule completely easy, more thorough and less painful. In view of the mane, the hair removal effect of the bikini area is best, suitable for individuals and families.

3. Portable: Small and flexible, easy to carry, can give your skin a feeling of comfort and calm.

4. Visible working conditions: Automatic heating with a translucent protective cover.

5. Use the heating element of the heating ring to dissolve the wax by heat, for women and men to remove hair.