Portable Negative Ion Nano Spray Facial Care Hydrating Instrument With Charging Treasure Function


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Overview and Specifications:

Portable negative ion nano spray water meter with charging treasure function, steam face facial humidification cold spray beauty instrument charging treasure, carry hydrating instrument, deep moisturizing, 28ML large water tank capacity, heavy fog for 20 minutes continuous spraying, 1 second fast fogging To moisturize the skin, if the water density is too high or too low, it will cause the beads to condense or block the spray. Please use mineral water. Packing list: 1 X hydration equipment
Product net weight: 0.0940 KG
Actual weight: 0.1380 KG
Product size: 3.800*3.800*12.800 CM
Packing size: 9.500*4.500*15.500 CM