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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Direction: Left Push Model Number: ZT10

Model: ZT10 fingerprint lock

Material: zinc alloy

Size: 62*28*15mm

Battery: 160mAh, can be unlocked 4000 times after charging,
half standby.

Charging: 5V-0.5A (Micro interface)

Number of stored fingerprints: 10

Setting button and indicator color: The diamond button on the
front of the fuselage is the “Setting button”.

And according to the set state, display three colors of blue,
red and green.

Any fingerprint can be unlocked when no fingerprint is


1. Add the administrator fingerprint [the first two
fingerprints entered as administrators]:

Long press the diamond "Settings" for about 2 seconds, the blue
light is short and then released, the green light starts to flash, and the
finger to be fingerprinted is pressed 10 times in the "sensor" (English:
fingerprint sensor) for 1 second each time. The green light is on and the
fingerprint collection is successful.

2. Add member fingerprint [Add 8 member fingerprints, you need
administrator authorization to enter]:

Press and hold the diamond "Settings" for about 2 seconds.
After the indicator turns blue, the administrator presses the successful
fingerprint on the "Sensor". The green light flashes and the authorization is
successful. For those who need to add fingerprints, press the finger to be
fingerprinted on the circular surface of the “sensor” for 10-15 times, each time
for 1 second, the green light is set to be successful.

3. Delete all fingerprints [delete fingerprints also require
administrator identity to delete]:

Press and hold the diamond setting button for 5 seconds. When
the indicator turns from blue to red, press the administrator\'s fingerprint. The
green light is set and the setting is successful. The failure is red and needs
to be re-operated.

4. Unlock/lock:

The fingerprint that has been successfully entered is pressed
"sensor"—unlocked, and the lock beam (English: shackle) is pressed in to open
the lock. If unlocked, do not press the lock beam to unlock, and automatically
close the lock beam after 2 minutes.

5. Low battery alarm:

When the power is lower than 30%, after the fingerprint is
unlocked, the indicator light flashes for about 5 seconds,

6. Charging:

The indicator light is red when charging, and automatically
turns off when it is fully charged. When charging, you can use your fingerprint
to unlock.

packing list:

1 x ZT10 fingerprint lock

1 x Micro USB charging cable