Professional Mini 5W UV Sterilizer, Bactericidal Thermostat Warmer Disinfection Device For Nail Art Blue + White


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Quantity: 2 Size: 31.0 * 24.5 * 16cm
Material: ABS;内胆材料:不锈钢 Model Number: XDG-a

1: UV sterilizer is a physical processing technology that
combines the principle of ultraviolet UV with the principle of optics.

2: High-tech ozone, ultraviolet sterilization.

3: No need to use additional chemical additives, with mixing,
cracking, oxidation, sterilization and other functions.

4, Will not produce secondary pollution, is a highly efficient,
gentle, clean water treatment device.

5, Suitable for beauty salons, home use.