Professional Mini Sterilizer, Thermostat Warmer Disinfection Device For Nail Art White


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Material: Stainless Steel Size: 18*16*18
Model Number: YM-9008B Commodity Quality Certification: CE

1. Made of engineering plastics resistant to high temperature and
aging, extending the service life of the product,

2, the use of special materials that can block ultraviolet
rays, humanized protection of the operator from UV damage.

3, the scope of application: family, beauty salons,
hairdressers, hospitals, laboratories, etc. It is used for high temperature
sterilization of beauty and hairdressing appliances, medical instruments,
laboratory instruments, towels, etc.

4, through high-temperature disinfection with ultraviolet UV
lamp heating, high-tech ozone, ultraviolet sterilization.

5, no need to use additional chemical additives, with mixing,
cracking, oxidation, coagulation, sterilization and improve biodegradability and
other functions, and no secondary pollution.