QooK MR16 4W 72-LED 3528 SMD Warm White Spot Light Lamp Bulb


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Overview and Specifications:


LED lights, a growing trend? Not really, most people have gotten around to replacing their existing bulbs with these energy efficient ones. Many countries have already mandated the use of these lamps. What's more, most lighting products you buy whether at Walmart or Ikea, they use LED bulbs too. One problem though. you're still paying a premium for LED bulbs if you're buying them retail and not factory direct. Why? Middleman, middleman, middleman.
Everybody takes a cut of the profit. But these beauties are made at one of China's leading LED lamp factories producing bulbs for all the major brands. Long lifespan, minimal heat emission, and lower energy bills, you get all that in this MR16 / GU5.3 base bulb embedded wtih 72 individual high power 3528 surface mounted display LED chips that radiate a beautifully bright 300 lumens of 3000K warm white brilliance! Perfect for domestic, automotive, or industrial use. Get yours now.

Base: MR16
LED type: 3528 SMD
LED quantity: 72
Beam angle: 120
Light color: warm white 
Color temperature: about 3000K
Luminous flux: about 300lm
Voltage: 12V AC/DC (The product is supposed to be powered by transformer with input voltage of DC 12V)
Dimension: about 50x46mm (DxH)
Note: Do not replace the led bulbs with halogen bulbs directly,Need led light transformer