Quelima 12V Flashing LED Strobe Traffic Warning Signal Indicator Light Truck Driving Warning Lamp


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Overview and Specifications:

This product is suitable for warning lights when large trucks are driving, security guards, gates, roads, tunnels, airports, construction sites, etc. It can also be used as a photoelectric alarm for the output of the alarm host.
Name Quelima12V flashing LED strobe light Traffic warning light Signal light Alarm light Indicator light Large truck driving warning light
Material ABS
Input voltage: DC12v
Working current: 120mA
Number of strobes: 90 times / minute
Power : 5(W)
Number of LEDs: 15
color: red
Lumens: 40-60 lumens
Use: Connect to 12V power supply, it will automatically strobe. It is necessary to distinguish between positive and negative electrodes, red to the positive pole, and black to the negative pole.
Installation: simple and convenient, with 2 bases, 1 double-sided tape, 2 screws.