Quelima 2 in 1 Mobile Phone Charger Cigarette Lighter for Motorcycle and Electric Car


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : USB Charging Equipment

Model: CD3016
Cable length: 1.3m
Input interface: 12-24V
Output interface: USB 5V 2.0A
Output interface: USB

Suitable for all kinds of motorcycles and electric vehicles. Can charge mobile phones, tablets, GPS, etc; Built-in fuse, USB independent switch
Fire resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, durable and durable, not easy to deform. Fast charging, multiple protection, three functions.

1. The switch is controlled by the USB interface, and the cigarette lighter holder is not controlled by the switch.
2. When replacing the fuse, please use a fuse less than or equal to 20A.
3. Do not use. Rain. Be sure to put on the rubber cover when washing the car.
4. The positive and negative poles are reversed. Incorrect installation, disassembly, transformation, and cutting of the wire are responsible for product damage.
5. Do not use when the battery is low.
6. Please use it after starting the engine, please be sure to unplug the electronic products without starting the engine.