Quelima Car Charger 3.0 Fast Charging 3-Port USB Adapter


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Name Quelima 3.0 Car Charger

Material ABS

Enter 12-32v

Output 3USB DC5.0-7A 1USB/9v-12v-1.8A


1, support for 3 USB outputs at the same time

2, with blue indicator light

3, 3.0 single USB fast charge

4, the shell is made of high-gloss shell and oxidized,
beautiful and not easy to leave scratches,

5, intelligent ic program, intelligent shunt, but charge,
automatic power off protection,

6, 3.0 fast charging technology, charging faster,

7. For devices to be charged that do not support fast charging,
adaptively distribute large currents to achieve fast charging.