Quelima Car Tape MP3 MP4 Phone and Other Audio Converters CAR W800 Cassette


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Name: Car Tape MP3 MP4 Phone Audio Converter Car Tape Converter

Suitable for: car tape drive (car retractor), tape recorder and other tape players.

Role: Put other MP3, MP4, CD, MD, computer, mobile phone and other music, through this tape converter, switch to the tape player and release it.

Specifications: The plug is an ordinary 3.5 stereo plug, suitable for most mp3, mp4, computer and other playback devices.

How to use: Put the converter into the tape player like a tape, press the play button, the plug of the converter is inserted into the headphone jack of the player, the volume is louder, the sound quality is very good, even if the transmission mechanism of the recorder or If the motor is broken, you can still play beautiful music.