Quelima Car Universal Machine Reversing Radar Upgrade Version Crescent Buzzer Rear 4 Probe LED Display


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Overview and Specifications:

Material pvc+ABS

Input power supply voltage 12V

Applicable models Car universal power 2(W)

Display type LED probe 4(1)

Alarm prompt BI BI BI

Product technical parameters

1.bibi three-level heartbeat sound

2.Bi.Bi.Bi The buzzer sounds step by step alarm prompt, the closer the distance is, the more urgent the alarm sound is,

3. The probe self-test function, the probe abnormal state prompts to avoid the reverse collision caused by the probe damage,

4. Working voltage: DC12V DC±2V

5. Working current: 200mA±50mA

6. Operating temperature: -30°C-+80°C 7. Detection distance: 0.3m-0.8m before: 0.3m-2.5m

8. Ultrasonic frequency: 40kHz, working current: 50~150mA,

9 Detection distance: 30CM~250CM,

10 Display distance: 30CM~250CM (cm-level display accuracy)