Quelima K98 Hotel Hidden Camera Detector Vibration Alarm Anti-Theft Travel Detectors with LED Flashlight Function


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Overview and Specifications:

Quelima three-in-one k98 detector hotel camera anti-sneak shot detector anti-sneak shot vibration alarm anti-theft detector
Brand Quelima
Model K98
Material ABS plastic
Parameter, panel introduction
LED flashlight, warning light, red and blue lights alternately flashing,
Window, dial
USB charging interface
Power supply, wave switch
One-button alarm reminder switch,
8 infrared night vision detection lights,
Working current 30mA Built-in 350mA ion battery
Charging time 1-2 hours Continuous work 8-10 hours
Detection range, detection pinhole infrared camera,
Quelima three-in-one K98 travel detector pinhole camera detector anti-lost device
Three major characteristics,
1. Mini portable 8 infrared night vision LED, professional detection mini pinhole camera
2. With a white LED light can be used as a flashlight
3. One-button alarm prompt anti-lost anti-theft function
4. K98 detector, built-in 3D omnidirectional sensor chip, equipment reflection, sensitivity greatly improved, sound and light combined alarm function prompt
Turn on the alarm prompt function when going out camping
● Multiple ways to detect hidden lenses
● Can detect wireless lens through wireless frequency detection function
● It can be scanned by red highlights and it is difficult to find various lenses with the naked eye.
● Detection frequency range can reach 1MHz-6.5GHz
● Can effectively detect wireless cable cameras
● Wireless detection of various prompt functions: sound prompt, vibration prompt, LED indicator
● More covert ways to detect
● Wireless signal strength indicator, fast positioning signal source
● Detection sensitivity can be adjusted
● Built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Can be used continuously for 8-10 hours
● Very small size, very convenient to carry around