Quelima Mini USB Car Home Air Spray BC35B Car Aromatherapy Humidifier


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : ABS
Shape : Other
Model Name : BC35B
Item Length : 10CM
Item Width : 4.5CM
Item Height : 4.5CM
Item Weight : 0.059
Item Volume : 100mL
Material Type : Abs
Special Features : 本产品具有给移动设备充电和车载香薰加湿功能,采用雾化技术, 以110KHZ的频率能使水转化为6um的小水珠, 能有效的去除车内静电/灰尘,降低车内空间湿度,保湿空气, 挥发均匀,让肌肤舒适带来舒畅心情;也可以一边给手机及其它移动电子产品充电,一边使用本车载加湿器


Quelima three-generation mini USB new exotic universal car home air spray BC35B car aromatherapy humidifier
Color: gray
Material PP
Model bc35b no charge version
Input 12-24 (V)
Applicable models
Rated working voltage 5V1A
Working temperature 0-45 degrees
Working current 120MA-280MA
Working power 1W-3W
Spray volume <50ML / H
Recommended area 5 (㎡)
Add flavor support (3-5 drops)
Intermittent spray support

Feature of product
1: Support intermittent humidification function
2: Support continuous humidification function
3 Can be used with a variety of flavors and purified water evenly
4: Support continuous humidification 1H automatic standby anti-dry function
5: Support intermittent humidification 2H automatic standby anti-dry function
6: Support self-direction replacement of air-conditioning clips (according to the direction of car air-conditioning tablets)

Product introduction
This product has the functions of charging mobile devices and in-vehicle aromatherapy humidification. It adopts atomization technology and can convert water into 6um small water beads at a frequency of 110KHZ.
Can effectively remove static electricity / dust in the car, reduce the humidity in the car space, moisturize the air,
Evaporate evenly, make the skin comfortable and bring a comfortable mood; You can also use the car humidifier while charging mobile phones and other mobile electronic products.

Method of use and precautions
1. It is forbidden to use the spray function when the product is short of water.
2. Be sure to turn off the power before changing the water of the humidifier. This is to ensure and prolong the service life of the humidifier.
3. Before storing the humidifier, clean the water tank and the host and keep it dry.
4. The water added to the humidifier is preferably distilled or purified water, avoid using tap water. Because tap water contains impurities such as calcium and magnesium, it is easy to become a white powder in the atomization, and it is easy to cause respiratory diseases after inhalation.
5. It is best to change the water and disinfect the humidifier regularly, otherwise the humidifier will breed mold and spread into the air will invade the respiratory tract, thereby inducing respiratory diseases.
6. Please avoid touching the product with children.
7. When a large area of water droplets is blocked in the spray port, there will be no spraying. At this time, the water droplets need to be dried.
8. The water tank capacity is 100mL, and the recommended maximum water capacity is 80mL, which is convenient for observing the water level of the water tank.
9. When replacing the air conditioner clip, remove the air conditioner clip vertically downward with appropriate force, and then install it vertically upward after changing the direction.
10. Power off the product when replacing the absorbent cotton swab or air conditioner clip.