Quelima Upgrade Version Of The Two-In-One Car Radar Reversing Alarm Camera (With Ruler Line)


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Overview and Specifications:

This camera / adaptable / car DVD display, can be matched with
the original car DVD to achieve high-definition visual reversing video system, 2
LED night vision effect, high-definition wide angle, vehicle into the reversing
system, reversing radar at the same time Automatically turned on, allowing you
to see all obstacles in the back. The camera double-detects ultrasonic waves,
and synchronizes the sounds of the reverse sounds. BI BIBI BI BI BI synchronizes
the sounds of the sounds. The color reversing line distance is accurate and
obvious obstacle distance makes you reversing more accurate, this product / can
be applied to, car, bus, etc. Note / This product power cord is random

Operating temperature / -20 ° C -70 ° C storage temperature / -30 ° C -80 ° C. Video input / 2-way AV1 AV 2. Reversing signal/automatic reverse switching source / DC12-24V. Can be applied to DVD with universal VA interface suitable for any AV interface reversing camera. Two channels of video are lost, and the obstacles are clear at a glance. Reversing radar alarm parameters / using plastic environmental protection material alarm tips / Bi BiBi BiBiBi using chip 7089 angle 170 ° waterproof rating / IP67 (note rain) working voltage 12v working current / 100MA maximum power 50MW maximum test distance 2.0M minimum test distance 0.3 M system / NTSC / PAL Fengming points 85-105DB