Quelima WIFI Mini Sports DV Aerial DVR 30 Meter Waterproof Sports DVR


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Main Processor ( Maximum HD Support) : General Plus4248(720P/30FPS)
Image Sensor : Aptina AR0330(1/3” 3MP)
Effective MegaPixel : About 5MP
Package : Yes
Built-in Memory Size : Non
Memory Card Type : MicroSD / TF
Image Stabilization : No Image Stabilization
Model Number : SQ29
Touch Screen : No
NightShot Function : Yes
Screen Size : Without Screen
Weight : 100g and below
Remote Control Support : Yes
Volume : 3*3*4CM
Battery Capacity : 300毫安
WIFI Support : Yes
Memory Card Support : 32G
Wideangle : 150°
HDMI Output : No
Waterproof : Yes
Display Screen : No
Maximum Aperture : NO
Bluetooth Support : No
NFC Support : No
Sensor Size (inches) : 1/2.84
Additional Function : Support WIFI
Application : For Home,Extreme Sports,Outdoor Sport Activities,Bicycle,Car DVR,Diving

Related parameters
Project-related parameters
Video format AVI
Video encoding M-JPEG
Video resolution 640 × 480
Video frame rate 20fps
Image ratio 16: 9
Resolution: 640 × 480
Picture format JPG
Battery type: Built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery
Battery capacity: 300mAh
Working time: 240 minutes continuous recording
Charging voltage DC-5V
Storage support up to 32G TF card
Transmission speed
Interface Type Micro USB
Support system Windows; Mac Os; Linux;
Playback software The system comes with or mainstream video playback software Supports loop recording

● Indicator description

(1) Red light: Standby, video, photo, night vision, indicator light. The red light flashes once to take a photo. The red light is always on and there is a card standby mode.
(2) Green light: WIFI indicator, green light is always on when WIFI is on, green light is off when WIFI is off.

● Functional operation

(1) Power on: Press and hold the power button to power on. The red light is turned on successfully. The card system enters the standby mode. The red light is always on. The green light is not on in standby mode. .
(2) Shutdown: Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to shut down in any mode, and the red indicator light is off to shut down. In the video recording state, save the file first and then shut down. When no function is used in standby mode, it will automatically shut down after 1 minute of standby.
(3) Recording: In standby mode, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds and release, the red light flashes slowly and enters the recording state. The continuous recording is automatically saved in 5 minutes in sections, and the cycle is overwritten. Press the power button once to stop recording and return to standby mode. The red light is always on.
(4) Take a photo: In standby mode, short press the power button once, the red light flashes once, take a photo, and it is automatically saved.
(5) Night vision: In the video recording state, short press the WIFI button once, the red light flashes quickly and the infrared light is turned on, and then press the WIFI button once again, the red light flashes slowly, the infrared light turns off. If the infrared light is turned on, the video will be automatically turned off.

● APP download

For Android phones or tablets, search for “Sports Camera” in Baidu Mobile Assistant and Google Play Store. Search for “Sports Camera” in the App Store for iPhone. You can also download and install by scanning the manual or the QR code on the outer box.

● WIFI mode

(1) WIFI switch
① No card. Turn on WIFI and press the WIFI button for 3 seconds after the red light is on for 8 seconds. The green light is on and WIFI is turned on. After 8 seconds, the machine will automatically shut down.
② There is a card. Turn on WIFI and turn on the standby mode. Press and hold the WIFI button for 3 seconds. The green light is always on and WIFI is on.
(2) WIFI connection: Search for the connection name “network starting with SQ (listed as SQ29_ 8888)” in the WIFI settings of the mobile phone or tablet; the green light flashes after the card WIFI connection is successful Open the mobile phone app to enter the main interface and then click “” to enter the operation interface. You can also use the machine keys to select recording / photographing on the operation interface. If you encounter other problems during operation, please click the main interface help to view. (Note: When the operation interface recording is saved on the mobile phone, it will stop recording if you exit the APP or return to the main interface and the mobile screen saver)
(3) Infrared light: Press the WIFI button once during WIFI recording. The green light is always on. The red light flashes quickly. The infrared light is on, then short press WIFI.
Press the key once, the green light is always on, the red light is slowly flashing, and the infrared light is off; if the infrared light is on, the video is automatically turned off. (Note: the infrared light can only be turned on by selecting the video to save the TF card. If you choose to save the phone, the infrared light cannot be turned on)