Recording Device Jammer Anti Wiretapping Detector


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : AJ-003


Recording jammers can effectively interfere with
digital and tape recorders, camcorders, bugs, cell phones and other recording
devices. What the recording device is recording is just a “beep” noise, which
cannot be recorded to the speaker’s conversation.

The recorded sound cannot be
restored to the speaker’s voice after the sound is processed (because the sound
captured by the recording device is only noisy).

Thereby effectively
protecting the content of the conversation from being recorded in secret. At
the same time, the recording device jammer does not make a sound during work


Type Mobile
phone, recorder, video recorder, ect sound acquisition equipment.

Distance  2
– 5 meters

Angle        90
– 120 degrees

Open         Remote

Size  210mm*150mm*50mm

Weight 0.95kg

Temperature   -40
– 55°

Humidity  35
– 85%

Battery    4000MAH/12V

Package   PP

Adapter   AC
100V/240V  / DC19v/2A

Recharge Red
light charging / green is full

Built-in battery, live line work