REDEAR Unisex Wooden Watch with Brown Cowhide Leather Strap


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Overview and Specifications:

Made from Natural Material
REDEAR Wooden Watches series all about Time-telling mechanisms that are simplistic in nature and design. Our purpose is to tell you the time in the most simplest and natural ways.We are not only crafting timepiece with natural wood but also crafting our heritage,different culture art form and our beautiful memory within our design.
Our goal is to create memorable timepieces for our customer along with mother nature and to celebrate our moments in time.
REDEAR has already established a tradition of creating the most unusual earth-inspired watches you'll ever see. We combine the beauty of sandalwood, bamboo, redwood oak and fired earth ceramic with the classics like gold and leather to create statement watches. 
Decent and Casual
Style alone is not enough. Our designer watches come with high quality chronometers so each REDEAR time piece performs as superbly as it looks.
Because we’ve taken the very best from the world’s finest watches and brought the final, perfect detail – a focus on tranquility and relaxation that makes our designer watches truly unique. Each offers a moment of contemplation, an oasis of serenity and style in a busy world, and each performs to the utmost to keep you on track, on time, and as relaxed as if you were basking on a beach in your own favorite dream destination.