Retro Themed Game Boy Video Game Console 400 in 1 For Kids


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Overview and Specifications:

Soft design– According to the ergonomically designed physical buttons,it is more in line with the human touch.Tetris, etc. 8-bite RAM, taking you back to your childhood.
More interesting– It contains 400 classic retro games,support for connecting TV and computer display,retro nostalgia.
Easy to carry– Plus version of the 3-inch color screen,the surface is made of leather,compact and lightweight,easy to carry.
Long life– 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery power supply,safe and durable,easy to replace,repeated charging,theoretical life time up to 2-3 hours.
High quality– AV external interface,support video output,AV port can be directly connected to TV and computer display,let you experience big screen vision
The RETRO FC 400-IN-1 is a Retro themed game with consisting 400 variation and compilation of old time favorite games of the past. Play on a Nostalgic experience while playing retro games of the past. 

Retro Game
400 Games
ON/OFF Switch
Sound Volume Roller
Micro Charging Port
Color :

SUP Red (Special Edition)