RXDZ Black Metal Professional 4-way Macro Focusing Rail Slider Tripod Bracket for Camera DLSR


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Overview and Specifications:

Size    19 x 16 x 9cm / 8" x 6" x 3.5"(L*W*H)
The rail adopts durable metal slider, and a geared drive system which enhances accuracy and speed of adjustment of the rail greatly. This item has two precise double scales, and allows precise distance modifications; the rail allows 5cm moving leftward/rightward, and 10cm moving forward/backward.
The rail positioning adopts adjustable locking knob, and there is a 1/4" standard screw that fits all professional DSLR; the rail's drop panel is made from rubber, and has a wave crest construction. It not only can increase the     friction between the rail and camera in order to prevent sliding, but also can reduce camera's abrasion. The design is made in great consideration for your camera.