RXR Isolate CBD Vape Pen Disposable Vaporizer 30mg


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Disposable
Display screen : No
Firmware Upgradeable : No
USB Charger : No
Model Number : RXR
Compatible Model : CBD
Material : Other
Nominal Capacity : Other
TCR Adjustment Modes : No
Atomizers Identification Function : No
Low Voltage Alarm Function : No
Overheating Protection Function : No
Short-circuit Protection Function : No
Built-in Or External Battery : Built-in
Temperature Control : No
Silicone Case : No
Monitoring Function Of Smoking Number : No
Compatible Battery : Other
Appearance : Cylindrical Shape

Kindly Noted: 

Minors are prohibited from purchasing
e-cigarette products.



Pod capacity: 1ML;30MG CBD

Manufacturing place: Oregon

Expiration period: 24 months

Ingredients: CBD, Propylene Glycol,Vegetable Glycerin & Natural and Artificial Flavors

Flavors: Flavorless/Blueberry/Mango


Note: The RXR CBD is the naturally occurring cannabinoid in the industrial
hemp and is imported and produced legally. The RXR-CBD does not sell or
distribute any products that are in violation of any region policies.



This RXR CBD disposable vape pen is an ideal way to save 30mg
organically grown full-spectrum CBDs at anytime and anywhere. Portable sleek
design, easy to put in your pocket, wallet or drawer.This pull-out CBD pen does
not need to be recharged or refilled.



1. 30mg is the ideal Medium-Content CBD, meeting the need of
most users. 

In this size vape pen, 30mg can be considered as a “medium
performance” level, which will allow the normal user to enjoy the CBD for
a long time and provide a cautious way for experienced users to use micro-dose
all day.

2. Cannabis oil formulated in the USA, organic ingredients, ultra safe

We use premium cannabis oil to formulate the best CBD vape oil
additive. This oil is extracted from organically-grown plants on our US partner
farms, so our products do not contain toxic pesticide residues or other harmful
chemicals that may exist in other brands. 
Our CBD vape pen contains 30mg high effective CBD isolate for
great experience.

3. Purely natural and completely legal, non-toxic, minimal side effects

Users who regularly use 30mg CBD vape additive report the side
effect is very small even zero, including non-toxic effects. The most common
side effects are somnolence and mouth dryness.