Selfie Remote Control Camera Shutter Wireless Bluetooth Controller Work With Android IOS Mobile Phone IPAD


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Overview and Specifications:


1. For short videos such as Tik Tok, you can turn the page, give thumbs-up, and enter into the home page. Browsing videos can basically be done without hands.
2. Tik Tok, mobile phone with camera function, B612, Faceu, camera 360 and other camera taking photos and video functions can be controlled by this remote control.
3. Youku, iQiyi, Tencent video and other software for watching TV dramas can use the remote control to fast forward and rewind and one button to mute.
4. The e-book software application and webpage that turn left and right can be turned over by the remote control.
5. Parkour games and 2048 games that only need to slide up and down and left and right can be operated with this remote control without obvious delay.
6. Just link Bluetooth, no need to make any settings, no simulator required, completely foolproof operation, Apple mobile phone, iPad and Android mobile phone can use this remote control normally. Incompatibility: Except for the Apple iphone 6, 7, and 8 series of non-full-screen phones and the ipads that do not have their own camera functions, other beauty cameras can be used normally. E-books that turn pages vertically cannot currently use the remote control normally.