Smart Fingerprint Lock Portable Anti-Theft Security Door Padlock For Bag, Drawer, Suitcase


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : 010
Direction : Right Push


 [Your Fingerprint is The Key of The Padlock ]: Smart fingerprint lock padlock, fingerprint recognition to unlock/lock. No need to keep extra keys or remember a combination

[ Easy Operation ]: Storing 10 fingerprints  per fingerprint lock padlock, which are directly managed within your thumbprint padlock.Built-in LED light indicator for easy programming and operation. Portable and sensitive, bring to anywhere you go and lock any equipment
[0.5 Second Unlock, Automatic Recognition Technology]: Quick-recognition technology, high security padlock support to identify your fingerprint quickly 360 degree angle. When the fingerprint lock is in empty status, you can use any finger to unlock, fingerprint is unique for you
[ IP62 Fingerprint Lock Indoor / Outdoor ]: Up to IP65 level home backpack lock, prevent from the dust/water efficiently. Indoor fingerprint lock are widely using for bag, drawer, suitcase, cabinet, door,also using as school Locker lock and fingerprint gym locker lock
[ Enhanced Security and Cutting-edge fingerprint technology ]: Seamlessly designed in zinc-alloy metal body construction. Padlock outdoor for lockers prevent from being pried or smashed or cut. Fingerprint lock for locker, capacitive scanners, high penetration, excellent recognition, low misjudgment rate


Color black / silver
Product material: Zinc alloy
Product size Lock body: 46*40*16mm
Net weight about 98g
Fingerprint area 10. 4*10. 4mm
Fingerprint capacity up to 10
LED light Tricolor light: red / blue / green
Battery 3.7V lithium battery
Working voltage 3. 0-4. 2V
Charging + Emergency USB Interface: MICRO
Low-power alarm flashes for 6 seconds after the red light is unlocked, and can be unlocked up to 200 times after the alarm
Working time: 1 year
Working temperature -10~+40 degrees Celsius